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Hotel Tortuguero Beach


Tortuguero Beachfront Hotel

is located in a magical place, a tropical paradise, a few steps away from the


National Park

Hotel Tortuguero Beach

Furthermore the flora and fauna of the tropical jungle of Tortuguero National Park, you will find an amazing place in front of the paradisiacal beaches of Tortuguero

at the Tortuguero Beachfront Hotel.

Home to a lush and magnificent


Tortuguero is a refuge for reptile and amphibian species, mammals and different birds.

An unbeatable place for bird watching in the North Caribbean region of Costa Rica, among others you can see herons, egrets, trogons, parrots, toucans, jacanas, kingfishers, anhingas, kites and hawks.

It is also the habitat of other species such as alligators, crocodiles, sloths, iguanas, frogs, bats, basilisk lizards, otters, peccaries and ocelots discovered in our

Tortuguero Beachfront Hotel.
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